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Australian grown timber and makers

Welcome to Foodie Boards website where we honour the beautiful grains of Australian grown timber and salute the talent of our Australian makers. Coaxing the grains of Australian grown timbers, our makers are inspired by nature to create elegant curves, follow natural lines and re-discover the meditation of making rustic handcrafted wooden boards and other pieces. Our boards offer you a beautiful, clean (low maintenance) eating or cutting surface.

We use naturally rustic timbers with swirls, knots and small inconsistencies that make each board interesting and unique. Like people, our boards range from strong, rustic, less refined characters to more subtle, gentle grains with fewer and smoother knots. We aim to retain the character of the timber we use - so that you can experience its warmth, interest and personality.

Uniquely varied grains in each piece

Since no two boards are identical, we list boards individually, along with their key attributes.

Support Australian made and reduce your environmental footprint

We can’t compete (on price) with cheap imported timber products. Instead, we make our boards with integrity and we encourage our customers to do what we do - by buying Australian made to support Australian makers and their families and to minimise the ‘air-miles’ travelled by the products we purchase.

The range of food-boards

Foodie Boards provides cafes, restaurants, home-makers and gift givers with a range of practical and decorative boards to encourage geniality for every occasion. Our boards are versatile enough to be used as:

  • cheese boards 
  • gift boards
  • chopping boards
  • bread boards
  • tapas and dip boards
  • wine boards
  • breakfast boards
  • large party and entertaining boards
  • coffee and cake boards
  • picnic and hamper boards
  • lunchtime sandwich boards 

See our boards as your canvas… and with your food, go forth and create….. (picture of an outstretched hand, perhaps, or a cornucopia)

Our other products:


Foodies also supply ‘rustic signs’ on treated pine, suitable for nailing or hanging in both inside and outside spaces.


Lazy-Susans • BBQ boxes • Picnic boxes • Plant boxes • Carry boxes and various other small timber items.